Henry Du Blog

think digital, act analog

Henry Du is a software developer as well as network security engineer. He has a solid experience in the network and security industry for more than 10 years.

// Work is always interesting
type Work interface {
	// Coding like art
	Coding() string
	// Networking is fundamental
	Networking() string
	// CyberSecurity is critical
	CyberSecurity() string
	// CloudComputing is future
	CloudComputing() string

// Life is beautiful
type Life interface {
    ListenMusic() string
    WatchMovies() string
	ReadBooks() string
	TakePhotos() string
	Sports() string
	Travel() string
	Blog() string

type henry struct {
	livingAt      string
	workedFor     string
	jobTitle      string
	graduatedFrom string
	degree        string
	cert          string

func NewHenry() Life {
	return &henry{
		livingAt:      "Vancouver, Canada",
		workedFor:     "Aviatrix",
		jobTitle:      "Sr. Staff Software Engineer",
		graduatedFrom: "Simon Fraser University",
		degree:        "Master of Science",
		cert:          "CCIE R&S",

func (h *henry) ListenMusic() string {
	return "Jazz, R&B, Rock&Roll"

func (h *henry) ReadBooks() string {
	return "Sci-Fi, Non-fiction, Computer Science"

func (h *henry) TakePhotos() string {
	return "Photography is one of my hobbies."

func (h *henry) Sports() string {
	return "I like to skiing, hiking, running."

func (h *henry) Travel() string {
	return "I like to explore this wonderful world."

func (h *henry) Blog() string {
	return "I am doing it right now. :) "