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Using the Kea DHCP Server 5

Using KEA DHCP Webinar part 5 This blog is a study note of using Kea DHCP Webinar 05. It introduced Stork monitoring tool, logging and performance test tool, very briefly. Stork Monitoring Stork is a graphic dashboard for Kea DHCP server. It monitors Kea and Kea HA state. It alerts failures, fault conditions and other unwanted events. However, it is under active development. Stork can be installed to various platforms, including Ubuntu, Fedora and RedHat.

Using the Kea DHCP Server 4

Using KEA DHCP Webinar part 4 This blog is a study note of using KEA DHCP webinar 04. This webinar introduced backend database and DHCP HA. For DB part, I only took very basic notes. The details of backend database can be available form the slides. Database backend support for Kea Kea DHCP server can store information in a database, including lease info, host address and prefixes, host options, host names and host classification.

Using the Kea DHCP Server 3

KEA DHCP part 3 This is the study notes of Using the Kea DHCP Server -Session 3 of 6. The DHCP reservation part will be added later on. DHCP Lease allocation When DHCP lease request is received, after Kea server successfully granted a lease, the following log is generated. 2020-10-15T20:35:36.137822+00:00 onprem-dhcp-6c98f7f9d9-lxd5d kea-dhcp4: INFO [kea-dhcp4.leases] DHCP4_LEASE_ALLOC [hwtype=1 10:7d:b9:2f:0d:eb], cid=[no info], tid=0x1: lease has been allocated This informational message indicates that the server successfully granted a lease in response to client’s DHCPREQUEST message.

Using the Kea DHCP Server 2

KEA DHCP Part 2 This is the study notes from KEA DHCP Webinar Part 2. Some of contents are from ISC KEA document listed in Reference section. KEA DHCP KEA is modern DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 server. It is under open source MPL License. It provides JSON/REST API and modular design. It also provides high performance, which is able to have 1000 leases/seconds. KEA supports for DHCPv6 prefix delegation, dynamic reconfiguration, dynamic DNS updates, SQL database backend and PXE Boot support.

Using the Kea DHCP Server 1

Using the Kea DHCP Server 1 Introduction This is the study notes from ISC webinar DHCP is short for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It is addressed in RFC 2131 for IPv4 and RFC 8415 for IPv6. DHCPv4 Protocol The DHCPv4 server or relay agents listen on port 67. The DHCPv4 clients listen on port 68 for messages from a server or relay agent. The communication between a client and a DHCP server follow the DORA procedures.